Credit Card Processing for Roofing Companies

Beacon Merchant Processing for
Roofing Contractors.

Built for roofing companies - Make it easy to get paid


Make it easy for your clients to pay their bills online using credit, debit, ACH or eCheck.

Improve your collection rates efficiency.

Credit Card Processing for Roofing Contractors

We make it easy and cost-effective to process payments wherever your roofing business may take you. Our merchant services include: credit card processing, debit card processing, mobile credit card processing, online credit card processing and more.

With Beacon Merchant Processing, you’ll gain a range of abilities that can streamline your utility company’s operations while accelerating the transferring of funds to your business. With our unparalleled merchant services, you’ll be able to…

  • Allow 24/7 payments – not only can your clients pay online from anywhere, but they can also pay their bills anytime. Whether it is late at night or early in the morning, clients can make a payment easily.
  • Accept on the go payments – supports mobile and other portable devices. This allows customers to pay wherever they are through a computer, smartphone, or tablet. It is another way of making the entire process convenient for your clients.
  • Email invoices – printing and mailing bills is an outdated process that extends the billing cycle and faces the risk of being lost in the mail. Email invoicing eliminates this risk by allowing you to deliver all billing details to your customers immediately while saving paper and protecting the planet.

Top Payment Programs for Roofing Companies

Cash Discount

"Cash Discount" means collecting additional revenue via a consumer service fee of some kind on, Credit Card, Signature Debit and AMEX transactions. 

Interchange +

Pass the true cost of interchange, dues and assessments through to the merchant plus a percentage of volume and a per item fee.


A credit card surcharge is a fee that merchants charge to cover their credit card payment processing costs. Surcharges are a percentage of the purchase amount and are generally added to your total bill.

Instantly put cash back in your business, the same day.

During your 1:1 consultation, a Beacon expert will evaluate your business then set up a program to put cash back in your pocket with each credit card transaction you accept.