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Physician Credit Card Processing

There are specific needs in physician credit card processing that we have seen as we’ve worked with many physician. First and foremost, low-cost is critical. Reducing cost is the fundamental of Beacon Merchant Processing. Secondly, physicians need the flexibility to take payments that make their patients comfortable: secure, quick, and low contact.

The desire for inexpensive credit card processing is not specific for physicians, however this is one reason why physician offices have been moving to Beacon Merchant Processing. We specialize in providing low-cost payment processing along with world-class technology.  We’ve even been able to beat the negotiated rates physician associations have secured by as much as 20% and even more.

Flexible ways for patients to pay at the physicians office

Physician credit card processing needs to be able to accept payments from their patients in ways that offer speed, security, and low contact. Below we cover some of the ways physicians have been accepting payments from their patients.


Self-serve payment page on your website

A self serve payment page gives utmost flexibility to your dental patients by allowing them to pay remotely from their home over their computer or mobile device. Once the payment is complete, a branded email receipt is sent to the patient. This is a simple and low-cost way to implement payments with no payment hardware needed. This has become very popular with efforts to practice social distancing in payments. These are very simple to implement and we help you along the way.


Send email invoices or create payment plans for patients

physicians have also started to use email invoices and payment plans for their patients. The invoicing system lets you manage your patients and their payments quickly and simply. You can securely store patient and credit card information, automatically send reminders, and be notified of overdue payments. Payment plans lets you create automatic recurring payments on customized schedules for repeat patients. Payment plans are a new and innovative ways that physicians are changing the game for patients.


Take payments over the phone

Credit card machines or a virtual terminal easily support taking payments over the phone. With a few clicks, you are taking payments securely. The virtual terminal lets you securely store patient contact information and credit card numbers to speed up the payment process for repeat patients. Custom branded receipts maintain the brand of your physician practice.


Taking payments at the physician office in person

Taking payments at the office is a critical and standard method for physicians to take payments. This includes either standalone credit card machines, a virtual terminal, or integrated payments directly into your practice management software. These are all options that are made available through Beacon Merchant Processing.

Top Payment Programs for Physicians

Flat Rate

"Cash Discount" means collecting additional revenue via a consumer service fee of some kind on, Credit Card, Signature Debit and AMEX transactions. 

Interchange +

Pass the true cost of interchange, dues and assessments through to the merchant plus a percentage of volume and a per item fee.


A credit card surcharge is a fee that merchants charge to cover their credit card payment processing costs. Surcharges are a percentage of the purchase amount and are generally added to your total bill.

Instantly put cash back in your medical practice, the same day.

During your 1:1 consultation, a Beacon expert will evaluate your business then set up a program to put cash back in your pocket with each credit card transaction you accept.