Credit Card Processing for Law Firms

Eliminate 100% Of Your Law Office's Credit Card Processing Fees

0% Markup | No Contracts | No Hidden Fees


Make it easy for your clients to pay their bills online using credit, debit, ACH or eCheck.

Improve your collection rates and law firm efficiency.

Tired of paying thousands of dollars each month in credit card processing fees?

Beacon Merchant Processing-Credit Card Processing for Law Firms

Beacon Merchant Processing is eliminating processing fees for law firms across the USA. The lawyers don’t pay the fee, their clients do — all by means of our Edge Program, also known as dual pricing.

By using dual pricing, law offices no longer pay processing fees. Instead, their clients pay them when they choose to use credit cards to pay their bills.

Get paid faster, waste less time, and provide a better payment experience

When it comes to credit card processing for lawyers, firms that leverage plastic as a payment method win. According to Legal Trends Report, firms that accept credit cards get paid faster—57% get paid the same day they are billed, and 85% get paid within a week. Credit card payments are convenient for clients, and they’re easy to set up and track, meaning that firms who accept them provide more client satisfaction while spending less time on administrative tasks. But as recently as 2017, only 15% of solo and small firms were accepting credit cards.

Instantly put cash back in your practice, the same day.

During your 1:1 consultation, a Beacon expert will evaluate your practice then set up a program to put cash back in your pocket with each credit card transaction you accept.


How does dual pricing work?

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Can I do this myself?

Simply put..NO. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express have strict regulations in regards to surcharging without taking the necessary steps to get approved — which is a difficult process to implement and maintain. Learn more here.

Will customers pay an additional fee?

Yes..they always have the option to pay by cash, pin-debit or check. This system is becoming more standard as the cost of accepting credit cards continues to go up, so many customers have already become accustomed to it.

What if I have a contract?

The saving you'll see by using our Edge program usually cover the cancellation fee in the 1st month.

How much will it cost to implement?

Depending on your size it the cost of hardware/equipment could be free.