About Us

As a leading merchant account provider in the industry, our mission is to help you maximize your profit!

We do this through our years of expertise to uncover and diagnose areas where we can reduce overall processing fees while ensuring your business stays compliant and up to date with the constant flux of changes to merchant processing that could harm your business.

Our reputation in merchant processing is based on transparency and treating our clients as more than a merchant account number, they are valued partners.

We personally tailor our solutions to suit your business model that are free from contracts, extreme pricing fees/terms and the typical bait and switch tactics seen all to often in our industry

Beacon Merchant Processing | Team

Sam Capra

Founder and CRO

With over 20 years, Sam has been on the leading edge of software and digital payments solutions across North America.

With a lengthy list of credentials, he has become a trusted advisor/mentor to many in the technology and payments space.

Amie Fabesch

Co-Founder and COO

Amie has over 15 years experience building, leading customer success and client support organizations within various verticals across North America.

Amie is fanatical about client satisfaction! She takes proactive measures to ensure her clients are always getting more than what they've paid for while at the same time identifying areas of opportunity to drive greater ROI.